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Strukt Design Consultants Ltd has a very good working relationship with a number of reputable Architectural and Structural practices. Our experience covers a wide range of projects ranging from Commercial properties, Retail, High Rise Residential, Educational Institutional Buildings and power stations. We have worked in all traditional materials including, Steel, Concrete, Masonry, Timber and light weight steel construction (cold Formed) to UK Standards.



As Engineering Consultants, we are at the forefront of most projects and we look at the environmental impacts of a project, economic pros and cons and the social impacts. We understand the impacts of construction to the environment. We strive to provide an ethical and sustainable approach to design, from conceptual designs, demotion to project completion. We look at various materials we can adopt for a particular project, responsible sourcing of materials and use of alternative recycled products.


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We work with Property Developers, Architects, Structural Engineering Consultants, Builders and Contractors.